How to Download All

  • Once you opened the link that you received from Zoom Pro Photo, click on OPEN to enter the gallery.

Step 1

  • Click on Download

Step 2

  • Enter your Email address & click on download

Step 3

  • Once you receive this message, go to your inbox.

Step 4

  • Open the mail and click on Start Download

Step 5

  • Insert your email address once again and Submit

Step 6

  • Click on Download

Step 7

  • Zip files are now busy downloading. Once downloaded you need an app to extract the zip files (I use ZArchiver on my Android)
  • If you are downloading on a PC, the zip file will appear at the bottom left corner
  • click on the arrow once done and click on Open

Step 8

  • Click on Extract to and then select the folder you would like to store your images.